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01.01.19 and 08.02.19

Week 4


How these weeks are flying! This week has been a great one and myself and Miss Hall are really impressed with the Merlin's positive attitude to their learning. In English, we have been learning our new text (explanation text) about how water freezes. We've been busy learning it through actions and symbols and we are ready to start our 'innovate' stage next week. 


In Maths, we have been learning about area of rectilinear shapes and it's been a really fun week. We've looked at counting squares to help us, problem solving and comparing area today, some brilliant work! 


In Topic, Miss Hall started off an 'eggciting eggsperiment' all to do with how different liquids affect our teeth enamel. We have placed 4 eggs in different drinks - water, squash, coke and orange juice' it'll be interesting to see which one affects the shell the most - we think it's orange juice! 


In other areas we've been passing in Basketball, playing recorders with Mrs Beck and doing French and R.E. with Mrs Ward. 



Week 5


This week we've been science mad! We've been focusing on the digestive system and it's been a really fun, and disgusting week, learning all about how food is digested - we also loved saying the word poo a lot but we now know the scientific term is stool. 


In English, we've started innovating and the final words we completed today have been to a really high standard, its great to see that they are using the toolkit of the text to help them. 


In Maths, we have started fractions and it's been interesting to see what fractions are - we've built fraction walls, worked out equivalent fractions and today we converted improper fractions to mixed numbers with bar models!


It was interesting to see how the eggs from last week developed and they ended up very very gross looking! In order of most affected to least affected the results were:


1. Orange juice

2. No added sugar blackcurrant squash.

3. Coke

4. Water


So drink lots of water and brush your teeth! I think lots of us are scarred for life.