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Week 5


18 get ups until Christmas!!


This week we have had a pesky elf in the class called Ernie, he's already been very naughty this week - I wonder what he'll get up to next week! 


The Merlins have finished their Multiplication and Division unit today and they have done really well on their end of unit assessment. You can see how hard they've worked and the progress has been outstanding - well done! They did a final assessment for all they've covered since September and it's great to see what they've remembered - it also tells me what we need to recap next week for our consolidation week. 


In English, we have been writing our innovated text and I have some writing superstars in the class! On Monday, I will be reading out some of my favourites and the standard has been very high. 


We were very honoured to go and watch the KS1 Nativity at the 400 Theatre. They did so well and the Merlins were very well behaved on the walk there and throughout the performance, on Monday we also get to watch the EYFS Nativity Play so we will be all theatred out! 


See you all on Monday :)


Miss J