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ReptonPrimary School



We have had a lovely week with lots of new and exciting activities at lunch time including Zumba and Pound. The staff joined in as well!


In English we have been writing a recount of a trip to the zoo using time connectives, adjectives and different sentence types. Joined handwriting is really improving and we have given out the first Pen Licences. The children are very keen to be able to write in pen so if your child is finding handwriting a challenge, a little extra work at home would help them achieve their goals.


In Maths we have been adding and subtracting numbers mentally and drawing diagrams to explain why the digits change. Children should all know 2, 5 and 10 times tables fluently by now. By the end of the year they should also know 3, 4 and 8 times tables. You will find activities for these on Mathletics in addition to any work you do with them verbally. Well done to all of the children who have been completing the homework activities using Mathletics- we hope you are having fun!


In topic we have been looking at planning and land use. We would like to plot on a map where people live and how far they travel to get to work. It would be really helpful if you could tell us where the adults in your house live and work (just town or village).  We will send a slip out for you to complete if you would be so good.


On Thursday we were very lucky to have a visit from our Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). She told us lots about her job and other jobs within the Police Service. We even had the opportunity of trying on helmets and going inside the Police Car. The children had a wonderful time.


Finally, we look forward to seeing you next week at Harvest Festival and Parents Consultation Evenings. Please make sure children have coats for walking to church and for swimming on Wednesday.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend!