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Week 6 


This week, I have really seen a fantastic difference in the Merlins from where they started until now. We are really now beginning to work like Year 4s and it has been brilliant to see that change. 


In Maths, we have been consolidating things we found tricking since September, such as partitioning and worded problems. We have done some tricky work but by working collaboratively, we have understood these a lot better. Some great ideas were shown and they are getting much better at explaining their thinking - well done!


The praise continues for their amazing mystery stories that we have written this week. We have taken it a bit slower and have been working on checking our work throughout, not just when we are finished, and the standard has been incredible. All the Merlins should be very proud of themselves. 


Today has been a lovely festive day with our Christmas jumpers and Christmas dinner. Next week is very different with carols, parties and a panto visit - so we will be doing lots of Christmas based activities. On the note of the carols, we have practiced our carol and they are sounding beautiful. We will be walking to St Wystan's at around 9:30, and so if you wish to walk with us, please either stay after drop off or pop back for 9:20. 


The party is on Tuesday and the children will have taken a slip home with what they need to bring, please bring them in at the latest of Tuesday and we are looking forward to having a brilliant day! 


Only 11 more get ups until Santa!!



Miss J