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Week 2 


Hello again! 


This week has been a very busy week with it being Anti-Bullying Week and Children in Need today, more on that to come. 


We started the week with two new topics in our Maths and English - Multiplication and Division and Diaries. We also had a fantastic session of Dodgeball with Ryan from Burton College. After all of that, we even had time to start a new part of our Stone Age to the Iron Age project - the Bronze Age! We've loved learning all about it this week, we have looked at artefacts, researched online and ordered events in chronological order. 


As our Maths continued, we have looked at multiplying by 1, 0, 10 and 100 and what happens when we divide by 1. We have loved using lots of hands on resources (or concrete resources) to master what is happening in each calculation. They've also really impressed me with how they've applied that to some problem solving and reasoning tasks. 


In English, we've developed symbol maps of a diary about a boy in the Stone Age and learnt the story through Talk4Writing - it's been really fun and we've enjoyed acting it out. Next week, we are innovating and inventing our own take on the text. 


Children in Need has been a really fun day and I've loved seeing the variety of teddies and pyjamas in the Merlin Class. Congratulations to Sophie who won the colouring competition but a big thank you to all the donations received, they go to a great cause and I'm proud to see so much money donated today. I'm sure it will be announced how much Repton Primary School donated in total. 


See you next week! 



Miss J