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22nd March

This week has been an exciting week in Badgers.  We have learnt how to dance- 1960’s style! We have mastered the twist, hand jive and how to play the air guitar whilst box stepping.  This was lots of fun and we have some brilliant styles.  We have looked at the fashions of the sixties and also the types of music and food that would have featured at a party.  With all of this information we have written invites for Mr Tague and Mrs Riley to attend our 1960’s party- which we will be having before we break up for Easter- details will follow. The invites are so great- they can’t refuse!


In English, we have been continuing our work on explanation texts- we have planned our own- ‘Why do aliens travel in spaceships?’ The children had some great ideas about how luxurious these space ships could be. We have started writing this explanation today.


During our Maths work, we have completed work on area and perimeter and moved onto finding the volume of 3D shapes. We have counted squares and made 3D solids initially, and then progressed to finding the volume using a formula. The children have worked very hard on this and have also been able to solve problems and give reasons for their answers.  Keep it up!


**SATs attack will go ahead as normal next week, but the week beginning 1st April, the Tuesday after school session will be cancelled due to parents evening. (April 2nd) Mr Tague’s Maths SATS attack will go ahead as usual. **


Have a great weekend everyone.


The Year 6 Team