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Week 4


We are over half way into the half term and we are definitely getting excited for the run up to Christmas!


In English, we have spent a week learning a mystery story through Talk4Writing and have been imitating it through actions and symbol maps. It's been very fun and next week we will start looking at the features in a lot more detail. 


In Maths, we have moved onto multiplication and division problems using bar models and we have found them a little bit tricky - but they have all worked really hard and persevered, we are going to have a little break from them so our brains don't turn into mush, but by the end of the year we will be experts. We are also realising how important times tables are so please keep up the practice as it will help a lot after Christmas when we carry on multiplication and division and move onto fractions. 


As part of Topic we are looking at how Bronze is smelted and have made a clay mould like they would have back in the Bronze Age. When they have set, we will be pouring melted chocolate in and recreate the process - with chocolate!


P.E. will be outside for the remainder of the term due to the hall being used for play rehearsals, so please ensure legs are covered and jumpers are being brought in. I have spoken to the children about wearing their tights and that you should be changing socks/tights for a P.E. lesson - however, if they would like to wear leggings under their shorts or jogging bottoms then that would be much more suitable.



Have a lovely weekend everyone, 


Miss J