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Week 1

Welcome back to school! We begin our Summer term topic 'Growing and Changing' this week as we look at plants through the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We've found out what plants need to grow and set up an experiment to check by putting beans in different places (light and dark) to grow, some with and some without water. We all think the one in the sunlight that we water will grow the best and the one in the cupboard with no light and water won't grow at all. I wonder if we are correct! We have also labelled the parts of plants.


We have learned the story of Jack and the Beanstalk after drawing our own story map to show the events of the story.

Next week we will use this to help us to write the story.


In maths we have looked at height and length.  We have enjoyed measuring ourselves on a height chart and comparing who was the tallest and shortest in our class and putting ourselves in order. We have also ordered beanstalks by size, from shortest to tallest.


A reminder that there are links to resources to help your child at home, both printables and online games, are on our main class page.