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Week 2

Visit to the Post Office

This week the Robins have been learning about people who help us around the home, such as Postmen and Bin Men.  We walked to the Post Office on Tuesday and learned all about what the Post Office is for.  We know that we can use it to post letters and parcels and that we can also get money from there, just like a bank and do other things such as apply for a Driving Licence.  We posted a letter from Mrs Tarrant to her mum, by buying a stamp and putting it in the post box.  Thank you to the parents that accompanied us.


We also learned all about where our rubbish goes.  We know it goes to a rubbish dump where it is buried in the ground and that this is not good for the environment.  We also learned that we can recycle lots of rubbish and that this is much better for our planet.  We sorted lots of rubbish for recycling into boxes for metal, plastic, cardboard and paper and glass.  


In English we wrote letters to the people that help us in school and delivered them.  In maths we practiced adding two numbers together and write a number sentence to go with it.  We practised our skills of counting on, which we are all getting really good at!


On Thursday we had a fabulous World Book Day.  Many thanks to the parents that helped the children to dress up as book characters.  We all had a great day!  (pics on main class page).


Next week we are asking the question - 'Where do we go to keep healthy?' and will focusing on the dentist and looking after our teeth.