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Week 3

The Robins have enjoyed learning all about who helps to keep us healthy this week.  We have focused on the dentist and learning about how to keep our teeth healthy, through brushing them to what we eat.  We made an experiment to see what drinks were bad for our teeth and put eggs in water, milk, orange juice and coco-cola.  The egg shell acted just like the enamel on our teeth.  We had some interesting results.  Let's just say - you should brush after drinking juice!! We also made posters about how to look after our teeth.


The Robins have also enjoyed using the role play as a dentist and all the fantastic resources from Sinfin Health Centre- such as a dentist chair, large teeth, brushes and instruments. 


In English we wrote instructions on how to brush teeth, using time vocabulary and bullet points.  In maths we learned how to subtract by drawing circles and crossing them out.  Some of us could write a subtraction sentence too.


We had a visitor on Thursday from Nottingham Fire Service - Mr Studdard is a firefighter and he talked to us all about fire safety and what to do if we had a fire at home.  We loved trying on his firefighter's gear!