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Week 4

The Robins have learned all about bees this week.  It's amazing how many facts they remember!  We have made a mind map about all the facts we know and the children have written a fact page about them.  Super writing!


We learned to count in twos in maths, by making groups of twos practically and then counting them.  


In topic work, we made super bee bottles!  They look fantastic!  They have been added to our minibeast garden display.  Do come and look at it. 


We also made and ate honey sandwiches! Yummy. Most of the class loved them and know that bees had to work very very hard to make all that honey.


Our caterpillars have also turned into chrysalises! How exciting...........butterflies soon!


Of course the highlight of the week was Sports' Day.  The children did a fantastic job on their first ever Sports' Day at RPS. Well done Robins.  Well done too to Hardwick who were the winning house.


Next week we shall be learning about spiders!!! surprise