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Week 4

This week the Robins began to learn the letter sounds s a t p and we have looked at words containing them such as sat, pat, tap, as and at.  They have tried really heard sounding and blending these words using the pure sounds.  Your help with reinforcing these sounds at home will be invaluable and you can find some useful apps on the main class page to support with this.


We have also started our pre-skills to writing at 'Squiggle while you Wiggle' time, where the children dance along to music, using scarves in each hand and make large up, down, round, left and right movements which will help enormously with letter formation.


Everyone is doing really well trying to write their names correctly.  We will work on this a few times a week but again, help at home is always great.  Please form letters in the style we use at school.  


This week our hook has been the Elmer books and asking 'Why is Elmer Special?'  The children have loved painting, printing and decorating bright and colourful Elmer elephants.  They have even counted Elmer squares and matched the amounts to numerals 1-10.  We have also enjoyed reading 'Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see?' and drawing objects that we see of a certain colour and hearing the sound they begin with.


Next week our focus will be 'Why am I special?'.


See you Monday!

Letter formation in EYFS

Letter formation in EYFS 1