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Week 6

This week we have been thinking and talking about how we have changed since we were a baby.  The Robins have written about what they can do and sorted pictures that a baby needs.  They have loved taking care of the babies in the role play; feeding them and cuddling them.


The children have been introduced to the sounds g o ck this week and recapped the sounds learned so far. Some are really beginning to hear cvc words when these sounds are said together. 


In Number we have looked at 2D shapes, their names and talked about sides and corners.  The children have made pictures with them too.


Everyone is enjoying our Dough Disco sessions where we concentrate on our fine motor skills.  These are essential pre-writing skills.  They love their fingers dancing to the music and squeezing, pinching, rolling, poking and stretching the dough!


Thank you for sharing your child's reading book at home.  The children are really enjoying telling us the stories and already developing some great story language.


See you next week!