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Week 8

Week 8 


What a fantastic week it's been in the Merlin classroom. This is the first week out of two that we are working on our WW1 topic. We have done some thought provoking work on poetry from the trenches and written a letter from a solider. They have really got into the mindsets of those affected by war and shown great empathy. We also have worked hard on life in the trenches and they have made some out of cardboard boxes and they are looking very impressive! Great use of materials and lots of fab details about what they would have been like. 


In Maths, the Merlins have finished their unit on Addition and Subtraction and have done some brilliant problem solving, we've looked at some hard problems but using bar models have really helped us understand what the question is asking us to do. 


Thank you to all parents and carers that could make it to our homework showcase on Friday, the Merlins have worked really hard on their projects and the standard of what has been created is outstanding - well done to everyone! 


I hope you all have a restful half term and enjoy time together.