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Week beginning 17.9.18

This week has just flown by!


In maths, we carry on with place value. We used the word estimate to place numbers on the number line. We continued to deconstruct numbers and we're quite good at it. We touched on using the symbols of greater than, less than and equals to compare numbers. We will continue with this focus next week, then move on to addition and subtraction. I re-introduced 'Mathletics' for this year. The next two weeks's homework is based on this.

In literacy, we worked on answering factual and predictive questions about 'The Enormous Crocodile'. We will be focusing on reading a text for comprehension, vocabulary development and prediction. Our stories will be forest animal based. We are going to know lots of things about our enchanted forests.

As our topic is about the forest, we began growing seeds this week. This is a continuation of our discussions about acorns and chestnuts. Next week, we will be treating and mistreating some lovely plants, poor things.

Our RE topic is about belonging and we drew our family trees including our pets! In the next few weeks, we will be investigating other groups and organisatons we belong to; rites for joining and how it makes us feel to belong.