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ReptonPrimary School


Week beginning 8.10.18

We've had a lovely week. Thank you to all of you who booked you parents' evening slot and who contributed to our harvest food collection.


In maths this week, we have focused on addition of single digits and linking what we know to adding multiples of 10 up to 100. We're getting there. We've begun subtraction of a similar ilk, and using addition to help us check and find the correct number. It's not always that easy, but everyone is working really hard on developing these skills.


In literacy, we have worked on the traditional tale, 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We've drawn story maps, done a 'cold write' using the story. We've written questions and answered them. We have also discussed why the versions of Red Riding Hood that some children know, don't match. Its's hard for the children to understand that not that long ago, there weren't the books we have now, and therefore, these stories were told verbally and changed.


In science we looked at our poor abused plants used in our experiment and checked to see if our hypotheses were correct. We have conclusions to draw about how to take good care of a plant. Our seeds are growing well and you will have a lovely  plant to take care of at home. Prizes will be given to the family who can keep the plant alive and healthy the longest! Good luck!