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Week comm. 11.3.19

This week, we have continued planning for our character description. We've written a plan and have also had help from a partner to help make the description really complete. We have continued to practice our comprehension skills reading about first, an alien spaceship landing and then all about nocturnal animals. We need to going again on 'Spelling Shed', although our spelling results this week were fabulous!


We continue to work on problem solving with our 'Problem a Day' in preparation for SATs. We're developing a range of strategies for solving problems. In our day to day work, we are finishing fractions.


In history and geography we are looking at information about each of the buildings we built on our 'wow day'. We've developed some good vocabulary and even some science when talking about the Statue of Liberty. In RE we heard one of the stories about Moses, an important figure in the Jewish religion.

We enjoyed our Red Nose Day- the children were excited about wearing their own clothes.


Well done, Otters on another week of hard work!