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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have started our learning on statistics. We have been reading, interpreting and drawing line graphs. We ran on the spot for 3 minutes and counted our pulse for each minute after exercise and then plotted this on a line graph. We have also been using line graphs to solve problems and we have been matching up stories to graphs.


In English we have continued our learning on Biographies. We have now completed our biographies on Ole Kirk Christiansen. During our grammar lesson, we have looked out how we can use brackets to indicate parenthesis in a sentence.


In topic we have been investigating air resistance. We made 3 parachutes out of different materials and we looked to see which of these parachutes fell the slowest. We thought carefully about the independent variable, dependent variable and the controlled variables to make our investigation a fair test.


Thank you for your support this week with the parent consultation evenings and the Harvest service on Monday.


Next week we are looking forward to learning about WW1.