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Weekly Update

In Maths we have continued our learning on multiplication and division. We had another look at square numbers as we found them a little bit tricky last week. We are now getting much more confident at recognising and applying our knowledge square numbers. We then moved on to looking at cube numbers. For the rest of the week, we have been multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. We have used the place value grid and counters to develop our understanding of what happens to the numbers and to improve our reasoning skills.


In English we have started our new unit on diary entries. We have written a cold write, learnt a diary entry through text mapping and actions and we have put together a toolkit by searching for the key features.


In topic we have been finishing off the Science that we started before the half term. We have been inventing our own crazy machines that include gears and cogs, levers and pulleys inspired by the Wallace and Gromit inventions. We have also been investigating streamlined shapes and which shapes move through the water the quickest.