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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have been continuing our learning on finding the area and the perimeter. We have found the area of compound shapes by working out the area of rectangle A and rectangle B and adding them together. We have also looked at finding an approximate area of some very tricky irregular shapes by counting the squares. To finish off this unit, we applied our learning to a real life context and we looked at finding the area and the perimeter of rooms on a floor plan.


In English, we have been thinking about our learning in topic and we have been thinking about the typical day of a pauper apprentice. We have looked at how important punctuation is to a sentence and how sentences can actually have a completely different meaning if they are not punctuated correctly.


In topic we have been learning about pauper apprentices and we have been looking at sources. We had to look carefully at where the sources had come from to see why they had very different opinions. We then started to look at the 1833 Factory Act and we have looked at a source from 1836 to see if the act changed anything. We will continue to investigate this next week.