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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have been having a look at some of the questions that we found tricky on the paper that we did last week. We have been recapping making numbers out of counters and representing them on the place value chart. We have also been looking at how numbers can be represented in a part whole model. We have been thinking about what calculations we can write from the given information in a part whole model and we have been focusing particularly on calculations where the answer is given to us at the start of the calculation. We have also been estimating on a number line and providing justifications for our estimates.


In English we have completed our diary entries. We have done a lot of work on editing our writing and we are now really starting to think about how we can make improvements to the writing that we have already produced. We have all thought so carefully about what it would have been like to have been a pauper apprentice. 


In topic we have been applying our knowledge about the Factory Act of 1833 and we have written some very thoughtful letters to the Home Secretary from the view point of one of the four inspectors of the time. We have been thinking about how working conditions could be further improved and what can be done to make sure that the rules are being stuck to.


In Music we have continued to enjoy learning Livin' on a Prayer. We can now sing through the whole song and have started to learn some of the parts on the glockenspiels. 


Thank you very much to those of you that attended our Maths curriculum evening on Thursday. If you were unable to attend then the link below will take you to the information from the evening.