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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have been recapping negative numbers, solving addition and subtraction word problems and we have completed a very tricky Maths investigation which required us to think about the area of squares and rectangles.


In English we have been looking at a selection of Haiku poetry and we have been thinking about the structure and rules of this type of poetry. We have learnt a Christmas Haiku and as a class we have planned a Haiku all about Christmas dinner. We are going to write these next week and then have a go at independently writing and performing our own poems.


In topic we have reflected on our initial ideas about what it would be like to live in Industrial Britain, it was really interesting to see how some of our opinions have changed after all of the learning that we have completed in our topic lessons. We then had a go at experiencing what it would be like to work on a production line. Everyone had their own job to do to help produce 30 Christmas baubles. We had jobs such as drawing the bauble, cutting out the bauble, hole punching the holes, cutting the string and even quality control! Some of us really applied ourself to this activity. When we reflected on the afternoon we thought about the pressure of having to get each job done quickly so that the line ran smoothly, we also thought about how proud we were of everyone working so hard together to get the job done. Well done Foxes! If you would like to see some pictures of our production line experience then you can click on the link below.


We had a very busy day on Friday with our Christmas lunch so the children will get their homework and spellings on Monday this week.


We have got a busy week next week with our carol service on Monday, Christmas party on Tuesday and then the pantomime on Thursday! 

Have a look at what we have been up to in our topic lessons smiley