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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have continued our learning on multiplication. We have been multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers using the formal method for multiplication. It has taken us a bit of practise but we have got it! We have been writing our calculations out in brackets to remind us what we need to do and we have been writing in the zero to hold the place value. We also found writing out multiplying the tens and ones in different colours has helped us to keep track of what we are doing,


In English we have continued our learning on newspaper reports. We have been looking at direct and reported speech, we have boxed up our model text and we have also innovated the model text. We chose to focus on the fun side of the snowy weather as opposed to the danger.


In topic we have been doing some research on New Zealand on the IPads to find out about the population, the currency, the climate, the terrain and much more.


Thank you very much to those of you that came to the 400 Hall for the jazz workshop. We enjoyed listening to the live performances and learnt lots about the different elements of jazz music.