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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have continued our learning on fractions. We have been comparing and ordering fractions, looking for common denominators and common numerators to help us. We have found this quite tricky but we are getting there! The most important thing we need to think about is showing our working! We have also looked at how to add fractions that have the same denominator, we are great at this! So we moved on to look at what to do when we do not have the same denominator and applied our learning of finding a common denominator.


In English we have continued looking at our model text "Alien Landing". We have thought about the setting description in the story and we have had a go at writing some of our own powerful descriptions. We have also got into the role of the main characters from the story and interviewed each other and used our knowledge of the story to write a newspaper report about the alien discovery.


In topic we have started our living things and their habitats topic. We have been looking at how plants reproduce and we have labelled the parts of a flower. Next, we are going to think about how the insects and wind play a part in pollination.