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Weekly Update

This week in English we have been learning a model text all about the International Space Station. We have thought about the key features of a non-chronological report and the purpose of them. We have then identified and underlined these key features in our model text. We have also started to research some information about the Mars Exploration Rover -Curiosity. We will use our research to write our non-chronological reports next week.


In Maths we have been using the vocabulary, unit fractions, non-unit fractions and integers. We have been multiplying fractions by whole numbers and we have also been multiplying mixed numbers by whole numbers. We have also been working on our reasoning skills and thinking about what makes a good answer for these types of questions.


In our topic lessons we have been learning about life cycles of mammals. We have looked at what makes mammals special and we have thought about the 3 different groups of mammals - placental, monotreme and  marsupial. We have also looking into the work of Jane Goodall and we are going to continue with that next week.


Very well done to everyone for your super effort and costumes for World Book Day on Thursday. I was very sad to miss it but I am glad to hear that everyone had a lovely day with Miss Hunter and did some fantastic reading and writing!


We are looking forward to our trip to Derby Theatre on Tuesday. You should all know if your child is getting the V3 service bus or the minibus. If you have any questions then please ask Miss Hobbs. Thank you very much to our volunteers for the trip - we will be aiming to leave school at 10:45 am.