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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have been continuing our learning on decimals. We have been looking at thousandths and we have been using the place value grids and counters again to help us with our understanding. We now know that even though they are called thousandths there are actually 100 thousandths in 1 tenth. We have then applied our knowledge of rounding to rounding to the nearest whole number and the nearest tenth. We are pretty good at this and just need to make sure that we read the questions carefully! We have also been ordering and comparing numbers to 3 decimal places. We got a little confused with this but we did an activity where  we had to put the words into alphabetical order and this helped us to understand that we need to start on the left and move right to each digit when we compare.


In English we have been completing our work on our non-chronological reports and they are brilliant! We have also started our new unit, which is explanation texts. We have thought about machines that we use in our everyday lives to write about for our cold write.


In topic we have completed our learning on living things. We have thought about the similarities and differences of the life cycles that we have looked at. We did a great piece of writing on this. We have started our learning on space and we finished our week on a discussion about the shape of the Earth. It was really important that we had evidence to back up our points!