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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have completed our topic on the position and direction of shapes. We talked about translating shapes and when you do so, the size and orientation of the shape stays the same. We also looked at what happens to the co-ordinates of the vertices of shapes when you translate them and looked at the effect the direction that you move them has on the x and y co-ordinate. 


In English we have continued with our persuasive writing. We all engaged in a really thought provoking debate as to which pizza restaurant was the best. We really developed our ideas and responses into well thought out answers which were backed up with evidence and explanations.


In topic we have been looking and local food that is produced in the UK. We have also had time to continue with our DT projects. Our presentation boards are getting there now and we are nearly ready for our sales pitches. There are lots of fantastic ideas.


We really enjoy sports day on Friday. Many thanks to all of you who came to support us.

Next week is another very busy week. We have move up day on Tuesday and an exciting musical theatre workshop on Thursday in which you are all invited to our performance at 2:30pm in the hall.