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Weekly Update - 17th June

Another great week for the Hedgehogs! The Hedgehogs have been doing some fantastic learning this week.


In English, we have started our new Talk 4 Writing genre of story, and it is the book called Smiley Shark. The children have really enjoyed this book, and we have been acting out the story of Smiley Shark. It is about a shark who smiles, but all the other fish are intimidated by his smile, until he saves them from a fisherman's net! If you ask the children, they are sure to tell you all about the story. Next week, we will be innovating the story of Smiley Shark and we will be planning our own story that is very similar to Smiley Shark.


In Maths, we have started our new unit on numbers up to 100. We have been using base 10 (ten sticks and ones) to build numbers by looking at the tens and ones of a number. We have then used the part whole model to split numbers into tens and ones! We will be carrying on with tens and ones for a few more weeks to really nail these numbers!


In Topic, we have continued our work on boats and we have looked at what materials are the best for building boats. We have then started to build our own boats using materials in the classroom. Next week, we will be making predictions and testing to see which is the best material for a boat in order for it to float.


We had Repton's Got Talent this week, and a massive thank you to all the children who volunteered and performed to the class, or to the whole school. A particular well done to Emie and Bobby who made it to the finals!


On Friday, we had our Year 1 and Year 2 Sleepovers. The children behaved impeccably throughout the night and really enjoyed sleeping over with their friends. Thank you to all the parents that came and assisted with making the tents up and packing them away. We really appreciate it!


Mr Armishaw