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Weekly Update - 1st July

This week the Hedgehogs have been busy with doing lots of writing and had the chance to do some fun activities with in their Transition Day.


On Tuesday, the Hedgehogs got to meet their new teacher and TA, Miss McKenna and Mrs Baxter! They had a really lovely time and all came back into the classroom happy and ready to start Year 2! They did lots of fun activities like owl decorating, label decorating, fact files and a friendship game. The Hedgehogs even taught Miss McKenna their favourite game, SPLAT!


In English this week, the children have been finishing their plans for their HOT WRITES, where each child has created their own story based on the story of Smiley Shark. The Hedgehogs have then written their stories up and are now on the writing wall if you would like to come and have a look. We had some fantastic stories from the 'Odd Octopus' to the 'Moody Meerkat'; the children's ideas were fantastic!


In Maths this week, we have finished learning our numbers up to 100. We have learnt how to represent numbers up to 100 using pictures and concrete resources. We then have looked at comparing and ordering numbers up to 100, using crocodile signs. The children are so familiar with the number square that most of them do not even need a number square now!


In Topic this week, we have started our final part of this unit on the Titanic (my personal favourite historical topic!) The children have been engrossed into the disaster that happened and were really intrigued by the disaster. The children have created newspaper articles about the Titanic disaster to show their learning and they were very descriptive. We also performed some role play as newspaper reporters and surviving passengers on board the Titanic!


Another great week Hedgehogs, 2 more weeks until the summer!