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Weekly Update - 24th June

We have been working really hard in our learning this week.


In Maths, we have been looking at numbers up to 100. We have gone past the number 50 and we have begun to show numbers up to 100 by looking at how many tens and how many ones there are in a number. We then have used base 10 and counters to show a number. 


In English, we have innovated the story of the Smiley Shark. We as a class, decided to change the smiley shark to become a rude dolphin who blows raspberries at other fish (because he is so rude!). We then looked at the suffix -est and how we can add the suffix to adjectives to make the adjectives stronger. We have started to plan our own story based on the story of Smiley Shark.


In Topic, we have been looking at the properties of materials after we performed our experiments on our homemade boats. Once we tested the boats in water, we looked at the strength and weaknesses of our boats by describing the boats using properties. We then looking at materials in the classroom and tested the materials to see if they would stretch, bend, twist and squash. We found out that a lot of plastic materials do all those things. We have done a lot of experiments this week. Next week we will be looking at the Titanic (my favourite historical event!)


Next Tuesday is transition day. If you have any questions about the day, please don't hesitate to get in contact with me!