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Weekly Update - WC 10th September

We have had another busy week in the Hedgehog Class.


We had an amazing visit to Poole's Cavern where the children learned all about cavemen, how caves are formed, and the conditions inside a cave. It got the children to imagine what life would be like for Neanderthals in the Stone Age. The children learned various new terms to describe caves such as stalactites, stalagmites and experienced sights that not many people have seen before. The behavior of the trip was truly exceptional and we are very proud of the Hedgehogs (considering it was a long journey to get there!) And an enormous thank you to the parent volunteers that came along with us to support us, including Mrs Ward as well.


In English, we have read 'The Cave Baby' by Julia Donaldson. The children have individually done a story map of the story and drew pictures to illustrate what is happening in the story. We have focused on key vocabulary and VIP words such as 'mammoth', 'restless', 'cave', 'paintbrush' to encourage children to familiarise themselves with new words and vocabulary. The Hedgehogs have produced their first 'Cold Write' this week, which was a big ask as these children have not done one before, but we are very proud with how they did - they produced some really good stories. Over the next few weeks, we will teach children how to improve their writing.


In Handwriting, we have done handwriting lessons daily to get children used to writing in cursive. We have focused on curly caterpillar letters and ladder letters. Next week, we will focus on our 'one armed robot letters', our other curly caterpillar letters and zig zag letters.


In Maths, we have consolidated our knowledge on counting forward up to 10 and organising objects into groups. We have used pictures and physical resources to help us. Next week, we will be identifying how to find one more and one less and look at some problem solving questions.


In our Topic lessons this week, the children used a paint program to paint a picture of a cave, using previous knowledge and experimenting with different styles and textures. We have also learnt about the body parts of the human body and how as humans we had the same bodies as Cavemen because we have evolved from them.