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Weekly Update - WC 11th March

The Hedgehogs have worked really hard this week in all areas of their learning.


In Maths this week, we have started our new unit on Measurement. We have used vocabulary such as 'taller', 'smaller', 'longer' to compare length and height this week. We compared the heights of all the children in the classroom. We then looked at measurements using a ruler. We looked at what centimetres are, and how we can measure accurately using a ruler. We have measured the objects around the classroom and then we measured pictures on tables. The children really enjoyed measuring objects around the classroom! Next week, we will be continuing on with our measurement work by measuring weight using scales. We will be using language such as 'heavier' and 'lighter' next week. 


In English, we have been continuing our work on 'Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish'. We have memorised the story and we have innovated the story by changing the character of the dinosaurs to become kittens. We looked at how it affects the story. We have also looked at expanded noun phrases and how we can use adjectives before the nouns. Next week, we will be planning and creating our own stories.


In Topic, we have done a lot of work on plants this week. We learnt about what conditions a plant needs to survive. We used our plant knowledge to pot and plant our own sunflower seeds. This is so we can track the growth of the plant and see how roots grow from a tiny seed in the right conditions. Next week, we will move onto looking at how we can use nature to make art.


In Phonics, Mr Armishaw's group has looked at how words with the same sounds can have different spellings. We looked at words with the /ai/ sound and how it can be spelt with an a, ai, ey, eigh, a_e. Mrs Wain's group has looked at the split digraphs i_e and o_e this week.


The Hedgehogs have worked really hard this week. Keep it up!