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Weekly Update - WC 18th March

We have learnt lots of new things in the Hedgehogs class this week.


In Maths, we have looked at what 'weight' and 'mass' actually mean, and how we can measure the weight of objects. We used some scales to measure objects in the classroom and we had an investigation to find out what was the heaviest object in the classroom. After many attempts at weighing objects, we found that Mr Armishaw's bag was one of the heaviest items to weigh! We weighed objects using cubes to find the exact mass of objects too. We used lots of interesting language such as 'balanced', 'equal', 'heavier' and 'lighter' to compare and describe the mass of objects. A very fun, practical week in maths this week. Next week, we will be moving on from weight and mass and we will be looking at volume and capacity. 


In English, we finished off writing our own invented imaginative stories. The children had to plan their story first, by thinking of a good character, an evil character, a setting and a plot for their story. The children planned some of their sentences and then wrote their fantastic stories into their books. Their stories are so imaginative and they are all on display on our 'Writing Progress' wall if you would like to read them. Next week, we will be starting our next unit on poetry.


In Topic this week, we are continuing our work on nature and we are looking at how Andy Goldsworthy, a sculpturist, uses nature to make pieces of art. We decided to design our own Andy Goldsworthy picture, in readiness to go into the forest school and make it using the resources available there. The children seemed more interested in finding bugs in the leaves than making art!


Another fantastic week Hedgehogs, keep it up!