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Weekly Update - WC 1st October

In English this week, the Hedgehogs have been working hard in learning the techniques to write a Wanted Poster. We have been learning all about a caveman called Caveman Dave. We have found out this week that he went missing and his family are worried. We have been acting out the story - we have done this by pretending to be journalists interviewing Caveman Dave's worried family. Next week, we will be moving on to changing the story and innovating Caveman Dave.


In Maths, we have finished our Place Value unit by looking at number lines this week. We drew all over the school playground in chalk, getting the children to draw number lines and label the numbers from 0-10. We then looked at how we could use number lines to add and subtract. We talked about making 'jumps' to the next number and we physically practiced doing this. We then finished off the week by looking at number lines which had missing numbers and where the numbers went up in 2s, instead of 1s. This was challenging but we had a really good go at it and the mathematical vocabulary that was used was really impressive! Next week, we will be moving onto addition and subtraction.


In Topic this week, we looked at caves as habitats, not only for Cavemen but also for other animals. We looked at bats and how they are adapted to living in caves. The children really enjoyed the lessons on caves and they were thinking critically about what makes a cave a good habitat. 


In PE, we played competitively in ball games to encourage children to practice their hand-eye coordination.