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Weekly Update - WC 24th September

This week we have been doing a lot of work in Hedgehogs.


In Phonics, we have been learning the High Frequency Words, 'said','go', 'to', 'so' and 'no' and have been looking at the sound of the end of words. We have also looked revisited the phase 3 sound 'ear' and we wrote sentences containing the sound 'ear'.


In English this week, we have been innovating and inventing the story of the Cave Baby. We all changed one bit of the story - we all changed the woolly mammoth to be a gigantic, spotty dinosaur! We looked at how that impacted the rest of the story and we thought of some interesting adjectives to describe the dinosaur. Some of us then went on to change even more parts of the story - and we independently changed the Cave Baby to be an animal! We had some interesting ideas, from spiky hedgehogs to scaly turtles. We looked at how changing the character changes the story. We then produced a Hot Write where the children independently created their story based on the Cave Baby. Their work was of a really high quality and the Hedgehogs have done really well. Their Hot Writes are displayed on our Writing Wall so next time you come in, make sure to have a look at your work.


In Maths this week, we have been learning the inequality signs of greater than, less than and equal to. This is quite a hard concept so we first worked with cubes to find what number of cubes was greater than/less than a number. We used 'Crocodile' signs to help remember what way the crocodile faces (the children will remember that the crocodile always turns and faces the bigger number!). The crocodiles are on this page if you would like to ask your children what they mean. I was so impressed with their level of work this week and how they have grasped inequalities!


In Topic this week, we have been studying why there are caves across the world and how caves are formed. We looked at why Cavemen lived in caves and next week we will look at habitats and how caves are a good habitat for some animals, like bats. We also did our first science experiment which the children were so excited about. We designed and performed an experiment where we made our own stalactites. The children will remember what they did, but if they help remembering below is a link for what they did. They really enjoyed the experiment and the children made some good predictions. We then wrote the steps for the experiment and drew pictures for the steps. Pictures will become available soon. As of yet, there are no stalactites but we are hoping there will be some soon!


The Hedgehogs have worked really hard and I am really proud of their attitude to work and their work ethic. Keep it up Hedgehogs.

Maths Crocodile Resources - We have been using these in our learning to help children remember greater than, less than and equal to.