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Weekly Update - WC 25th March

Not long until the Easter break now! I am sure we are all excited for a break. The Hedgehogs have been continuing to produce some fantastic work this week.


In Maths, we have started to look at the words 'volume' and 'capacity'. We have looked at what it means to be 'full', 'almost full', 'almost empty' and 'empty' and we have measured and ordered cups based on their volumes. Unfortunately, a witch came into the classroom and turned all of the water into green, poisonous potions! So the children had to carefully measure out the potions by their volume and we talked about how we can be accurate when measuring volume. We then looked at capacity and how different containers have different capacities. We measured the capacity of different containers (vases, jugs and even popcorn tubs!) to see which had the biggest capacity. Next week, we will look at ordering capacities. 


In English, we have started our new unit on poetry. We have been learning a new text called "The Earth is Poorly", a rhyming poem that uses all the 5 senses. We have learnt the poem through actions, story maps and through various games. The children have loved learning the poem through word tennis! (ask your child how to play that game!)


In Topic this week, we made our Andy Goldsworthy sculptures that we designed last week. We went into the forest school and collected as much nature as possible, without harming any animal habitats. The children really loved getting messy and putting soil, twigs, leaves (even the odd few insects) on the table and trying to create something artistic. Mrs Wain and Mr Armishaw were so impressed by the imagination. Pictures will be uploaded soon onto the website.


Fantastic work Hedgehogs, 2 more weeks till Easter!