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Weekly Update - WC 4th February

In the Hedgehogs class, we have been working really hard. The children's behaviour this week has been impeccable, even though Mr Armishaw lost his voice on Thursday and Friday. Thank you Hedgehogs!


The children have been using ten frames and base ten to explore numbers up to 50. We have been learning about tens and ones. We have looked at how we look at the tens first because they are the bigger number, and then we look at the ones afterwards. We have then started to draw tens and ones by drawing 'sticks' of tens and 'dots' of ones. Finally, we started to look at part-whole models and how we can separate a number into its tens and ones by looking at what the number is made of e.g. 36 = 30 + 6. Next week, we will be looking at representing numbers up to 50 in different ways and grouping numbers.


In English this week, we have been learning what a good letter looks like. We have been learning a formal letter about a dolphin colouring competition. This is the model text that we will be learning up until half term. We have learnt the story through actions and through story mapping the letter. Next week, we will be examining the letter and identify some language in the letter. We will then box up the letter and innovate the letter by changing one element of the letter.


In Topic this week, we have been looking at deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. We looked at why people are cutting down the trees in the rainforest and the effects of cutting the trees down. The children then created some lovely, detailed posters about deforestation which are now being displayed in the bay area in the Hedgehogs classroom.