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Weekly Update - WC 4th September

We have had a really fun, and busy week! Welcome Hedgehogs!


We have done a lot of 'Getting to know each other' games and activities. In order to make sure that we are known as the Hedgehog class, we have covered the walls, the ceiling and any space on the wall with decorative artwork relating to Hedgehogs. We have learnt a lot about Hedgehogs this week through art and science this week. All the children have worked hard, worked creatively, and worked with a lot of enthusiasm to produce some fantastic displays.


We have just introduced the topic 'Cavemen to Conquerors', and the first half of the Autumn term, we are focusing on 'Cavemen'. We have a brilliant trip to Poole's Cavern planned for next week which we hope everyone will enjoy. It aims to get children to think what life was like in the Neolithic period. Our classroom is also changing to match the topic, with our role play taking the form of a cave where children can draw cave paintings using chalk and cardboard.


We have also created as a class our 'Hedgehog rules' and we hope that we all follow these rules to ensure that all children have fun in their learning. These rules correspond with the Behaviour ladder that we have in school. We have also discussed in Class our Achievement Ladder! This is where children can move up their leaf when they have won a house point for their chosen house. The children love the achievement ladder!


We have allocated class jobs and got children into a routine of how the day is structured. The daily timetable can be found in the 'Timetable Section' of the Year 1 Hedgehog Home Page. The children are adapting really well to the timetable and they are all busy Hedgehogs!