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Weekly Update - WC 6th May

It has been a very busy week in the Hedgehogs this week.


In Maths, we have been learning all about arrays. We have been learning how we can draw addition sentences such as 3+3+3+3 = 12 using rows and columns. We have then started to link the multiplication symbol 'x' into our learning how to count the number of rows and columns to come up with number sentences. We have then started to look at doubles. Next week, we will be learning how to collect objects into equal groups and how to share objects equally.


In English, we have continued our work on the Rainbow Fish. Our favourite part of the week was our innovate where we changed the Rainbow Fish to become a totally different sea creature. The children worked in pairs to come up with a new animal that had an object that every other fish wanted. We eventually decided on a class vote that we would innovate the Rainbow Fish to become a Clown Fish that had lots and lots of jokes, which he would not give away! Next week, we will be writing our own story in the style of Rainbow fish but each child can use their own sea creature. Perhaps they will get some inspiration from the Sea Life visit on the 14th!


In Topic, we have been researching more sea creatures in the ocean. We have used IPADS to find more weird and obscure sea creature. 


As you may know, the Phonics Screening Check is a month away. We have worked really hard in our phonics this year.  I sent out a letter to parents on the 10th May with some information on the Phonics Screening check and some practise words for children to practise reading. All the information can be found in Phonics Resources or on the Parent Information button on the website. If you have any questions about the check or your child's progress, please do not hesitate to get in contact with myself or Mrs Wain.


Fantastic week Hedgehogs. 2 more weeks until another break!