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Weekly Update - WC 8th January 2019

Happy New Year! We hope you have had a well rested break.


In the Hedgehogs class this week we will be starting our new topics "Let's Save Earth". This topic is an eco-environmentally themed topic that will look at our planet, how we can help our planet and some of the dangers that face our planet. In this topic, we will cover History, Geography, Art objectives, whilst also linking our English work to the topic. We have an exciting opportunity coming up on the 15th January. We have a zoologist called Dr James McKay who will be coming into school to teach our children about conservation. He will be bringing along some animals which the children are welcome to interact with. We are excited for this opportunity!


This week in maths, we have been working with numbers from 11-20. We have been adding one digit numbers to two digit numbers using number tracks, and thinking about how we can solve addition problems by using our number bonds to 10. Next week, we will be looking at our number bonds to 20, and looking at subtraction numbers from 20.


This week in English, we needed to get into the swing of the Christmas blues, so as part of our Cold Write, the children were tasked with writing a recount about their Christmas holidays. We then looked at the past tense and how some words ended in ed, a suffix! The children are really grasping the idea of suffixes and we are always thinking of words that have the suffix ending ed. We also looked at the conjunction but, and how we can use but to join two sentences. Next week, we will be having James McKay come in to talk about Animal Conservation and he will be bringing some interesting animals into the classroom. The children will use this as their imitate and imitate to talk about this morning as their recount.


In Science, we have looked at seasons. We looked at what happens to the weather, to plants and to animals during each season. We then created a season wheel to illustrate some of the things that happen in each season. 


In Computing, we learnt about how we can use the Internet safely. We learnt about some of the dangers of the internet and what we should do if we see any of these dangers on our tablet. We sang the 'Tell your adult song', which I am sure the Hedgehogs will be able to sing back to you!


Unfortunately, our school subscription to Mathletics has expired and we will no longer be using it. Parents can still subscribe to Mathletics and use it as it is a helpful website to help your child with their maths learning. 


We are also introducing Spelling Shed leaderboards. In the classroom, the three children with the top Spelling Shed score will make it onto a Spelling Shed tree in the classroom. In addition to this, the school is introducing a Spelling Shed competition between the classes to encourage more children to use spelling shed to help boost their classes score. We strongly advise parents to get their children onto devices to access spelling shed. 


Well done for a fantastic week back Hedgehogs!