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Wk beg 17th June

The Badgers have returned back to school brilliantly after our trip to Scarborough.  We have written a recount about our time in Scarborough or time at school. The children chose their favourite day to write about- it was lovely to read these and hear the children’s highlights! We have also written thank you letters to the adults from many of the places that we visited. The children chose who they wanted to write to.  Reading some of these really showed that the children were grateful and loved the experiences that they encountered.

We have made a good start on the end of year production too- we are working our way through the scenes- some children have been fantastic learning their lines. This meant that they could act rather than read from a script.  We have asked the children to ensure they know their lines by Monday so that we can move forward at a fast pace! – We don’t have very long until we perform, and lots of transition days before then. 

The production dates are as follows-

Tuesday 9th July – in the afternoon to parents

Thursday 11th July – in the evening to parents.

More information and tickets will be sent out soon. 

Have a brilliant weekend!

The Year 6 Team