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Well, what an incredible week we have had in Year 5.  We are so incredibly proud of every single one of the Year 5’s.  They pushed themselves out of their comfort zone, they worked as a team, supported each other and behaved brilliantly.  We could not have asked for anymore from them and it made me us very proud that they were part of our school.  Thank you to every single one of them!


Once we had arrived at Whitemoor Lakes the children were given an orientation by the centre staff and were then shown to our Lodge.  The children then had the task of making their beds.  Throughout the time we were there (with a small amount of encouragement for some) the children kept their bedrooms very clean and tidy.  This impressed us all very much.  After we had all had lunch it was on to our first activity. This varied from canoeing to archery.  The weather on Monday was beautiful so for those that fell (or jumped!) into the lake while canoeing it was a tiny bit warmer! The overall theme of our time away was definitely pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone.  I can say with 100% certainty that every single one of us did this (heights are not my thing!) and it made every adult incredibly proud to see every child overcome fears and make themselves proud too!


After our evening meal (Chicken skewers, rice and corn on the cob) it was on to our first evening activity of our stay.  The Campfire! Please get your child to sing you “I’ve been eaten by a Boa Constrictor”, it is a very good song!  The Pink Gorilla story was also a favourite among many.  The children were definitely ready for a good nights sleep and after a little bit of excitement they all settled down well. 


Day two, although not as sunny and a bit chillier, held lots of exciting activities for all of us.  For my group that was canoeing, abseiling, zip wires, archery and the high ropes! I'm so proud of each and every child who pushed themselves beyond what they thought was possible! 


This week has definitely showed us all that we could well have some future climbing, fencing and archery superstars in our midst!  Throughout the 3 days, the children’s independence, teamwork and support of each other was incredible to see.  The way they encouraged other, cheered each other on and made sure their friends and team mates were happy was wonderful to see.  We could not be prouder of these children and they all helped each other, and us, to have a wonderful 3 days! 


Thank you for your support in ensuring they had all of the required equipment and were ready for every eventuality!

We hope you enjoy looking at all of the pictures!

Thank you

The Year 5 Team!