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This week in the Eagles' Class we have been delving back into fractions, explaining the parts of a river and describing the layers of the rainforest - as well as performing in our first concert!


On Monday we started our new units: fractions (again) and explanation texts. We have been enjoying the fractions so far and they are definitely finding it easier than before Christmas. We have been multiplying unit fractions, non unit fractions and mixed numbers this week and will look at fractions of amounts next week. 


Our explanation unit has linked in with our work in geography and we are learning a text about the journey of a river. We have looked at creating effective subheadings, parenthesis, boxing up and locating the toolkit. 


Our topic work has been on the rainforest where we have been describing the layers. We researched on Monday and wrote some fantastic on paragraphs on Tuesday. On Thursday they continued their RE and French with Mrs Ward and on Friday afternoon we linked up with the children in Kenya through and International Schools project. 


Finally, and to reiterate what Clair and Mr Tague said on Tuesday, I was so proud of the children and how they performed. I have been learning with them and I am no where near the standard that they are! Well done, Eagles - keep practising! 


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Cotton