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Well this week has been a very Literary filled week.  Book Week has seen us become illustrators, Explorers and Journalists.  A brilliant week for the Eagles!


Within Maths we have carried on with our current unit of Fractions.  We have learnt about breaking the whole, adding two mixed numbers together and even started looking at multiplying fractions.  Super Maths work this week, especially as the beginning of the week was very tricky! 


English this week has been focused around our Guided Reading book, The Explorer.  We have created a brand new front cover for this book as well as writing a blurb from the point of view of one of the characters.  We have written a letter from the point of view of one of the characters asking for help being rescued from the Amazon Rainforest.  Our week has finished with the Eaglesbeing reporters.  We have written a Newspaper article detailing the plane crash that stranded the children in the very first part of the book.  They thought about how the families of the 4 children would feel and what they might then do to find and save their children.  Some super journalists in the making.  Well done, Eagles!


We also celebrated World Book Day.  We thought about what our favourite books were and why.  I think you will agree from the photos that all of the children looked brilliant in their costumes.  Thank you for all of your support in this. 

A large part of our World Book Day was spent linking with the children in Kenya and what an amazing experience that was! We asked lots of questions and they answered ours too, as well as talking about our favourite books and why we love reading. We have been busy filming our videos and I will upload these next week so the children in the Kengeleni and Kongowea schools can hear what our favourite books are and why.


We hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Stay Safe

The Eagles Team