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Although we only had 3 days in school, it still feels like we have achieved a lot!


On Wednesday and Thursday we focused on angles in our Maths lessons. On Wednesday we continued measuring angles with a protractor and on Thursday we drew angles using one. They have done really well on a hard skill and have taken a lot of care with their work. Well done, Eagles!


In English, we finished our Hot Write on Wednesday and we have written up our science fiction narratives on Thursday, which was very aptly May the 4th (Star Wars fans will hopefully get it!). 


We also created some models to show how the Moon's and Earth's orbits can affect the phases of the moon and even in to why eclipses happen in our Science lesson! In RE they learned about how Hindus worship and carried on their work on clothing in French with Mrs Ward on Thursday afternoon.


Finally, we had a brilliant day today celebrating the coronation! We did some fun activities which included a quiz, writing a card to King Charles and some art work. Finally, it was the Colour Run and I think we all had lots of fun getting covered in paint! 


Have a lovely weekend and bank holiday and we will see you on Tuesday! 


Mrs Cotton