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Welcome back after half term! 


This week the children have settled back brilliantly, especially in spite of what’s going on in the world around us currently! 


In English we have moved onto our new unit of newspaper reports. We have had a go at one ourselves, studied the model text, answered some comprehension questions about a lucky couple winning the lottery and today we have written some very catchy headlines. 


In maths we are onto our final week of the four operations and have look at prime, square and cube numbers and looked at the order of operations (you might know this as BIDMAS or BODMAS - it’s definitely helped us to remember the order). Next week we move onto a four week block on fractions - one of my favourite units! 


We have also completed some RE with Mrs Eaton, started our unit on electricity - both in science and dance - and began to look at our new book ‘A is for activist’ where we will be looking at the civil rights movements in America and Britain during the 1950s and 1960s. We have lots of brilliant discussions and the children really understood the inequality and injustice that was present during those times. 


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday!