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We have had another jam-packed week in Foxes class.  It has involved planning and carrying out a science investigation, polar Bears, langur monkeys and lots of different types of fractions.


In English we have been looking at a number of different areas of SPGa.  We have covered among other things, expanded noun phrases linked to some very cheeky monkeys and possessive apostrophes linked to some very plucky polar bears.  The children are ready now to use the SPAG skills they have honed to improve their writing even more. 


Within Maths Year 4 have begun to look at fractions in comparison to decimals and hundredths as decimals to. Year 5 have looked at problem solving involving fractions, fractions as operators and fractions as numbers.  A super week all round!


Science has involved us improving our investigative skills by thinking about and planning an investigation involving dissolving.  We thought about our own independent and dependent variable and also thought about the controlled variables.  We really enjoyed carrying out the investigation to see if our predictions were correct. 


Our spellings this week are:

Year 4: Homophones – scene, seen, whose, who’s, affect, effect, here, hear, heel, heal.

Year 5: Homophones – advice, advise, device, devise, licence, license, practice, practise.


We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Webb