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What a week it's been! A very busy week for saying we have only been in for 4 days.


We have been writing up our Anne Frank biographies this week and I am blown away by the quality and maturity of what they have written, some exceptional pieces of writing! We have taken it nice and slow, a couple of paragraphs per day and really thought about the writing process and editing as we go. I think we definitely have some historians in our midst though!


In Maths we have started ratio and again, they have absolutely flown with the concept! We have been looking at what ratio is actually describing it, relating it to fractions and today we have started to use ratio to calculate amounts. We finished with a really tricky question today and will continue this objective on Monday.


We have been continuing our rap songs with Mrs Eaton, playing some 5 v 5 games in netball and learning all about classification in Science. Finally, we had a very moving lesson around 'The Holocaust' today and we learned about the injustice of such a horrific time in history. The children have made promises of what they will do to ensure this could never happen again and they were extremely thoughtful and mature - well done, Eagles! I'm extremely proud of you!



Have a brilliant weekend,

Miss Jordan