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Wow what another busy week it’s been in the Eagles class! We have been busy learning all about newspaper reports, we have been doing some tricky problem-solving in maths involving addition and subtraction and in topic we have been writing something beautiful letters as evacuees.


In Maths, it is our final week looking at addition and subtraction. Last week we practised column addition and subtraction so this week we have been busy applying it. We have been looking at worded, multistep problems, finding missing numbers and comparing calculations. Next week, we will start looking at a multiplication and division unit we will be looking at prime numbers, square numbers, factors and multiples. It will really help their knowledge of factors and multiples in particular for children to have a really strong understanding of times tables so any additional practice would be beneficial to the children.


In English, we have carried on looking at newspaper reports. We have been busy looking at the five Ws and how important they are in the introduction to a newspaper report. We have looked at some funny headlines and also made our own, I think we really enjoyed looking about learning about puns and how we can use them. The children created some incredible headlines and I think we definitely have some journalists in our midst.


In Topic, it has been a really good week where the children have been applying their knowledge about evacuation and writing letters as if they were evacuees themselves. The children really did a brilliant job of involving all of their knowledge and research, but also using emotion to really convey the feelings of an evacuee in that time period. Our final lesson of the week also looked at comparing a life for a German child and life for a British child during WWII.


In other areas of the curriculum, we had a brilliant netball lesson on Monday where we looked at defending and put it this into practice in a very small at seven on seven again. We have been busy singing with Claire and Catherine and their voices are sounding beautiful. We are hoping to get the flutes in very soon so they can start to practise these both at home and at school. On Thursday, with Mrs Ward, the children created their own Christmas cards which will be sent home very soon for you to purchase. Finally, the children really enjoy the computing lesson on Monday where we looked at online safety and they used the game Interland to have fun and learned how to how to stay safe online; the link for this game is on Parenthub. 


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you bright and early on Monday morning. Thank you to all who have sent in your preferred Parents' Evening times - please make sure they are in before Wednesday as that's when I will be confirming times.

Mrs Cotton and the Eagles