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100 Years since WW1

We have produced a lot of work during our two weeks of World War One Week. We have worked alongside the Otter class to produce art and written work for the past two weeks. 


The children have created time capsules to remember 100 years since WW1 ended 100 years ago. During the week before half term and the week after half term, we have looked at what the war was, who was involved in the war, the effects of the war and remembering those that were bravely involved in the war.


In the child's time capsule you will find objects that the children made themselves (some of them required a bit of help to make)

  • A stuffed teddy bear - teddy bears were given by children to their daddy's who fought in the war, so that they would think of them. We have used the teddy bear as a way for the children to express themselves from the teddy bear's perspective in the diary entries.
  • Diary entries - the children expressed their thoughts and feelings as they go to war. The diary entries talk about their experiences going to war and leaving Britain, heading to France on the boat, and how it feels to be in the trenches.
  • Decorative red poppies - the children made them out of sour dough and painted them. 
  • A boat sailing into the sea - the children (with the help of some helpful Year 6 children) made origami boats and the children stuck these onto a painted water scene, depicting sailing to sea to fight in France.
  • A handwritten and a typed copy of the Trench cake recipe.
  • A black and white picture of the Christmas Truce. 
  • There may be red paper poppies inside the box too.


We have also created two giant installations 

  • We have created a water scene with black cut out silhouettes of teddy bears heading to France. We produced this to make children think of the many soldiers that went to war and how they must of felt leaving home to enter another country to fight for their country. The children painted the scene using sponges and paint, and the children cut the black silhouettes of the bears out.
  • We have created a poppy display to honor not only the soldiers, but to honor the animals that bravely fought in the war. We looked at how horses, pigeons and dogs carried a lot of responsibility to assist in the war effort. We have made a purple poppy display to honor the animals that helped.

These displays and shoeboxes were displayed on the 9/11/2018. The pictures of our work are below. Hopefully now you have had the time to look at the creative work in their time capsules. Below are pictures of the activities and work. 


Thank you for donating shoeboxes and for coming to visit out lovely work. We really appreciate it. 


Mr Armishaw.

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